5 ways to spend a perfect day in Bland County

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There is nothing bland at all about Bland County in the fall.

This time of the year offers some breathtaking views of the autumn colors, and some incredible opportunities for rest and relaxation.

Want to get away, but just to somewhere drive-able? How about a day trip?

Here are five suggestions to spend an unforgettable day in Bland County.

1.) Pay a visit to the Wolf Creek Indian Village and Museum.

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Want something that’s the definition of a family-friendly activity the kids will love?

Then look no further than Wolf Creek Indian Village and Musuem, which allows you to experience what Native American life was like back in the early 1500s.

Tours are available to learn about how families handled cooking, hunting, pottery and basket-making duties.

2.) Head over to the Eupepsia Wellness Resort.

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Need some time to just unwind or heal a lingering injury?

There are few better spots the Eupepsia Wellness Resort, which offers traditional and more progressive therapies for weight management, detoxing or de-stressing.

Nestled in the Jefferson National Forest, the resort also has a restaurant that serves organic and vegetarian meals that are cleansing to the body.

3.) Enjoy a scenic drive.

These aren’t hard to find at all. Whether you want to see the stunning landscape while driving along Scenic Hwy (Rt. 52) & Bluegrass Trail (Rt. 42), you have so many options. Make sure you stop to snap plenty of pictures!

4.) Check out the Appalachian Trail.

Bland County is one of the many communities that sits along the Appalachian Trail. This is a great chance to take short walks to scenic overviews, or go on longer hikes up hills, mountains and through the some of the best nature and surroundings Virginia has to offer.

5.) Try the Federico Morini Signature Road Cycling Trail.

The Federico Morini Signature Road Cycling Trail can be a paradise for both serious and casual cyclists alike.

There’s a wide range of trails for people depending on what their cycling tastes are, from easy/beginner to technical/advanced. Regardless of the trail or level of cycling, the views and scenery are next-level.

Where would you go first? For more ideas, click or tap here.

If you’ve heard of wanderlust, you might have heard it represents a strong desire to travel, but in Virginia, we call that feeling #WanderLove. Though travel hasn’t looked quite the same this year as previous years, you can still fulfill your #WanderLove by exploring Virginia’s beauty with an epic road trip, in just a day’s drive.

Contributed photo (Bland County)