Holiday shopping online with local bookstores is easier than ever

Book No Further in Roanoke (Book No Further)

Shopping online has always been popular, and add in an unruly pandemic and it’s become the most convenient way to get things done these days, and there’s an unexpected player in cyber retail: local business.

Now more than ever, the call to shop local is more important than ever, and if you didn’t know, a lot of local businesses are offering online ordering -- and most places will ship things right to your door.

Book No Further in Roanoke, an independent book store, is one local business that has thrived at selling online, despite competing with powerhouses such as Amazon.

“Reading has actually increased during the pandemic,” owner Doloris Vest said. “We were closed for 11 weeks in the spring due to the shutdown, but once we opened, we sold more in one month on our website than we did in the 18 months before.”

Vest said ever since people have been stuck at home, they’ve been interested in a wide variety of books, from best-selling novels and hobby books to the classics, such as “To Kill A Mockingbird” and “The Great Gatsby.”

It’s easy to order online, and you’ve got lots of options when it comes to receiving your books.

You can have your selections easily delivered to your front door step, but you can also pick them up in the shop or have them run out to your car by an employee.

Whatever is easiest for you is perfect for Book No Further, Vest said.

That’s what is so great about buying from an independent book store -- the entire experience is personal.

Vest said they’ve had customers ask for a specific edition of a book, and she has connections all across the country to help people find rare books.

A lot of the times, Book No Further will have what readers are looking for, but if not, the store is connected to other bookstores nationwide, that have vast libraries.

“You can only get that kind of service from independent book stores,” Vest said.

So whether you’re looking for your favorite book from your childhood to pass down to your kids, or the latest cookbook for Christmas Eve menu inspiration, a local bookstore has what you need, and it’s easier than ever to order online, Vest said.

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