1st and 10 Camp Tour: Glenvar Highlanders

Glenvar takes on 'Next man up' mentality for 2018

SALEM, Va. – Our 1st and 10 Camp Tour rolls on as we visit the Three Rivers district to check on perennial power Glenvar. The Highlanders had a solid playoff push in 2017 before falling to the eventual class 2 state champion, Appomattox County.

They lost senior running Jack Leonard but return four of the five starting offensive lineman. Coach Kevin Clifford is confident that they will still see production from their backfield. Since the Highlanders state title run in 2014, they've posted an impressive 32-6 record and look to get back to being a championship contender.

"Definitely, I mean, that's the ultimate goal is that game right there (state championship), but you just have to come every week and push as hard as you can and practice and not get tired," said lineman Maxx Philpott.

"Some days it's going to be rough, but you just got to push through them," said Philpott.

"We have a mantra, I think like everybody does, and I hope that it's "next man up" and that's how we work," said coach Clifford.

"And we expect the next guy that's starting to be productive. If not we'll find someone that is but, we feel good about our running back. Our staple of running backs are good kids, they are tough, they run well. So we are excited about where we're at right now,  we've got a long way to go but, we feel like someone will step into those shoes," Clifford said.

Glenvar goes on the road to Galax to start the season Aug. 24.

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