UVA prepares for QB transition from Perkins to Armstrong

Reshirt sophomore lefty Brennan Armstrong set to take the controls

Charlottesville, Va. – Cavalier signal caller Bryce Perkins set the bar to all new heights for his heir apparent, re-writing the school’s record book. The dual-threat quarterback was the cog in the machine that led Bronco’s program around the corner and into ACC contender status. We’ll soon learn if he was as successful helping his backup understand how to prepare..for the ACC wars to come.

“Bryce - I learned a lot," heir-apparent quarterback Brennan Armstrong said. “I try to take away the preparation thing. I just I wanna see how an older person prepared for a full game, especially in college. In high school it’s a lot different, when you get to college it’s a different thing so. You gotta know how to prepare, so just like be ready for the game. I think that was the biggest thing obviously watching on the field was great and fun, but my biggest thing was just seeing how he prepared for games,” Armstrong said.

“I think he’ll be super- prepared especially with these last two years he’s been itching to get in. And one thing about Brennan I remember. There was one moment where he didn’t practice for about two weeks and he came back after two weeks and was killing the guys, so he’s a ballplayer for sure. You know, everything just comes natural to him so even without spring ball I think you’ll be super prepared and ready to take the field,” UVA departing quarterback Bryce Perkins says.

The 6′2″ 220-pound redshirt sophomore Brennan Armstrong is a dual-threat lefty quarterback out of football rich state of Ohio. He’s been waiting in the wings for his turn to lead the Wahoos.

“I play with emotion. I would say I’ve never really broke out of my shell yet, how I actually play football just because of the circumstances I’ve been in. I’ve never actually been in the action for a decent amount of time, most of the time it’s been one or two series at a time so once I get into it I get into it so, I do play with emotion. I think our team I think our team will see that eventually," Armstrong said.

Coach Bronco Mendenhall compared Armstrong to one of his former BYU quarterbacks-Taysom Hill. The Saints backup quarterback is something of a Swiss army knife for the New Orleans offense now. And Armstrong’s teammates confirm that he’s a dual-threat on the field, who garners respect from the defense and in the locker room.

“He’s shown great leadership qualities as far as the meetings we have, he is always the first one up there. I mean he’s not an overly vocal guy but he talks when he needs to. Guys respect him and I think there’s a good football player and I think he’ll be able to lead this team,” UVA senior linebacker Charles Snowden said.

“Just his feel for the game,” explained departing senior Bryce Hall. "I think he was just very annoying from a defensive perspective. When a plays break down he was able to make things happen with his feet. And I think that’s a whole different threat that a mobile quarterback brings, the ability to extend plays with their legs and their athleticism,” Hall said.

Armstrong appeared in 11 games over the past two seasons, but has three seasons of eligibility left--to try and reach the milestones Perkins left behind.

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