1st and 10 Camp Tour: North Cross football boasting biggest roster to date

ROANOKE, Va. – Our 1st and 10 Camp tour rolls on to North Cross where the Raiders are boasting the biggest roster they’ve ever seen. Their 10-2 season ended with a loss, adding extra motivation for the Raiders in fall camp, with players who are faster and stronger after this offseason.

“August is a good month to hone in on what your identity is, and I think we will be able to throw the ball well,” head coach Stephen Alexander said. “We have really good receiving corp, and some depth this year, which we really haven’t had in a while, but we also are going to run the ball downfield.”

“Our defensive line is going to be massive, we have a couple of Germans in there who are 6′6, 6′7, so I think our defense is very balanced, but our linebackers are the best position,” junior Moritz Mittendorfer said.

“We have more depth, more intensity, everyone working together and working hard, so everyone is pushing each other,” said senior quarterback Connor Lange. “We love the heat, it makes us better, not many teams play during the day but we do so that’s an advantage we have on other teams, we’re just ready to go.”

North Cross will open their season against Nansemond Suffolk on August 26.

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