LCA looking to finish the mission and win Class 3 title

Bulldogs are 13-0, facing Lafayette in finals

Lynchburg, Va. – For the second time in three years, the Bulldogs have a chance to prove they are the top dog in Class 3 football.
They enter the state final undefeated in the same situation as two years ago when they were edged by Phoebus.
This season they come in 13-0 after a 43 point state semifinal win, and a 49 point region title win.
The train is full steam ahead with Saturday’s final road block -Lafayette.
The Bulldogs have leaned on an advantage up front--in order to get their playmakers the space they need to impact the game.

”It’s definitely something to have guys that can make explosive plays. There’s no doubt about it, I mean --we really look at our strength though, the heart and soul of our team is upfront and our guys are physical. They understand what we’re trying to do and they’ve been able to be earth movers against any team that has been thrown out in front of us,” Bulldogs head coach Frank Rocco.

“Focus on the details I think and trust each other to do our jobs. You know Lafayette are really good football team and we know that but I mean I think if we do our job, we have a chance to do something special,” junior quarterback Jeb Moon says.

”I guess I’d just say the bonding a lot -- just to trust each other, love on each other, play with each other, play football. I mean it’s really come along way. We’ve been very successful and I think that’s the key to every successful team,” running back Gideon Davidson says.

LCA is the second game at Liberty University, a 5 p.m. kick.

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