Another fall snowstorm takes aim at Rockies, Northern Plains

Denver to drop 50° in less than 24 hours

ROANOKE, Va. – Our weather has finally started to feel like fall, while the Rockies and Northern Plains are pressing the fast forward button to winter.

Denver, Colorado will top out around 80° Wednesday, but will drop into the 20s at night with single digit wind chills. Could you imagine?

Then, you factor in the snow. Another storm is set to drop a foot of snow or more in parts of Montana, the Dakotas and some of the higher passes in western Colorado. 

Places like Bismarck and Pierre will see anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of snow just between Wednesday and Thursday, with lower totals toward Boulder, Aspen and Denver.

Combine that with strong winds and leaves still on trees, and you've got a big power outage problem.

The low pressure system responsible for the brutally cold air, strong wind and heavy snow will keep winding up over the Northern Plains. 

This means that parts of the Dakotas may very well have to deal with an additional round of significant snow through Saturday.

The fact that this low pressure is winding up and not dropping means that we won't see as drastic of a cool-down this weekend. 

It will force a cold front our way, resulting in a thin line of rain late Saturday. This won't be a big rain-maker for us, as it will move quickly and weaken as it presses eastward. 

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