1 to 2 feet of snow blanketed most of our area 10 years ago

A pre-Christmas snowstorm dropped one-to-two feet of snow on parts of our area in 2009

Photo Credit: Donna, Diane and Sherre

ROANOKE, Va. – We’ve certainly been cold enough for snow the past couple of mornings, but there’s been no storm system around to tap into the Arctic chill. That was quite the different story this time a decade ago.

Many of you remember the snowstorm that dropped one-to-two feet over parts of the area. All areas except for Southside reached the 12″ mark during this time. Below is the map that has been reconstructed from this event.

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PAST Snow Map from 12/18-12/19, 2009

This, at one point, had 100-150 cars stuck on I-81 in Rockbridge County according to 10 News’ Patrick McKee. He even recalls that people were being rescued car-by-car and being taken to a nearby school.

10 News’ Rachel Lucas recalls being stuck in her apartment in Athens, West Virginia for four days in a row.

Like many big snowstorms, they have to come together perfectly. Many of you know that these big ones come from the south, and this storm was no different.

Cold air was forced down south by a strong area of high pressure over Lake Erie. Meanwhile, a low pressure system brought in the moisture as it rode up the East Coast. Both these pieces combined usually make for big-time winter weather in our area.

PAST storm pattern - 12/18-12/19, 2009

This was only the beginning.

The winter of 2009-2010 went on to be one of the snowiest on record in Roanoke, the New River Valley and Lynchburg. Roanoke received about 43″ of snow, Lynchburg about 34″ and Blacksburg 53.6″ throughout the entire cold season.

If you have any pictures or memories from this snowstorm, feel free to share those with us in the comments section of this article or on social media. We’ll try to feature as many of your photos in this article as we get them.

Photo Credit: Diane - Buena Vista
Photo: Donna McCarty - Salem
Photo: Donna McCarty - Salem
Photo Credit: Sherre Klink

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