Vibrant fall foliage to arrive on schedule this year

Weather conditions the past few months have been ideal for this year’s fall colors

Justin McKee walks us through when we can expect peak fall foliage in our area.

ROANOKE, Va. – One of the best parts of living in our area during the fall is watching the leaves on the trees turn to vibrant colors.

Folks in the New River Valley and Highlands are already seeing the leaves change and the peak color will come in the next couple weeks.

For those in Roanoke, we typically see the best color during the middle of October, while Lynchburg and Southside wait until later in the month.

Average peak fall foliage (WSLS)

The weather in the months leading up to fall plays a big role in how nice the colors are each year.

Smoky Mountains produces one of the leading national foliage forecasts each fall.

Forecaster David Angotti says our wet spring, combined with recent warm days and cool nights will bring the peak right on schedule.

“When we have these warm daytime fall temperatures, followed by the cool, but not freezing overnight, then the sugar in the leaf is able to produce those really brilliant reds and purples," Angotti said.

Angotti says his map is 85% to 90% accurate nationally and the forecasts get better each year.

If you catch a great photo of the colors over the next few weeks, you’re welcome to share it with us via the “Pin It” feature on our weather app. You just might see it on-air!

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