Windy and feeling like late May on this Friday

Feeling like late May

ROANOKE, Va. – The strongest storms have moved, but a few isolated showers will remain possible through about 8 a.m. The sunshine will quickly return for the rest of our Friday.

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Due to the warming trend over the past several days, plus the additional sunshine that we will see today, temperatures will run 10-20° warmer than average this afternoon. With some of us nearing record warm temperatures, it will be feeling more like late May!

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Along with our very warm temperatures, gusty winds make a return. Wind gusts upwards of 50 mph are possible.

Today's Winds

Wind alerts remain in effect through 2 p.m.

Wind Alerts

Looking ahead to the weekend, rain will move in Saturday evening. This will be a fairly quick moving system. As for Sunday, stronger storms will be possible beginning in the morning and into the evening hours.

Weekend Plans

Temperatures will remain in the 70s over the next several days before we return to the 60s on Monday.

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