Staying unseasonably cool in the days ahead


ROANOKE, Va. – The temperatures that we’ve been experiencing the past few days have remained unseasonably cool. Typically, we are in the upper 60s by this time of the year.

April Calendar

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This afternoon, highs will run similar as we reach the 60s across much of our region.


In the days to come, we will watch as temperatures gradually increase. Tuesday will be our warmest day and the one day that temperatures will run just above average.

Temperature Trend

From there, the jet stream will dip to our south, therefore bringing cold air to us from the north on Wednesday.

Upper Air Pattern

This will once leave us will cooler than average temperatures. Highs will run approximately 15° below average on Thursday.

Daytime Temperature Trends

With lows expected to reach into the 30s come Thursday morning, frost will be a possibility.

Frost Potential

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