Heads up: Scattered strong storms to feed off Tuesday’s warmth

The severe weather threat is isolated Tuesday afternoon and evening

ROANOKE, Va. – Tuesday will be just about as warm as Monday was, but the difference this time is there’s a front nearby to help spark showers and thunderstorms.

High temperature forecast for Tuesday, 5/3/2022

This is part of the same storm system that produced severe weather Monday in parts of Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas.

Storms Tuesday fire up after about 2 p.m. and will move from west to east. Our severe weather threat is pretty isolated and mostly east of the Blue Ridge Parkway during the afternoon and evening.

FutureTracker around 3 p.m. Tuesday

While storms remain fairly hit-or-miss into the evening, they can still contain frequent lightning and/or hail due to colder air above the surface.

FutureTracker around 8 p.m. Tuesday

We’ll keep the warmth, humidity and the chance for isolated showers and storms into early Wednesday afternoon before humidity levels drop.

We’re dry most of Cinco de Mayo (Thursday), but some showers and storms may return during the evening and at night.

This comes as we track another, more slow-moving storm system. This too will produce severe weather in the Plains and could produce a few strong-to-severe thunderstorms in our area Friday.

Tracking a separate storm system that brings more rain and storms Friday

That’s when showers and storms will be most numerous. Scattered showers continue Saturday.

Come Sunday, this storm likely moves offshore. We may still see a few morning showers, but the overall trend will be for things to turn drier.

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