Showers and storms for the start of the week

The week starts with active weather before more comfortable conditions by Tuesday

Rain totals are highest in the New River Valley and Highlands

ROANOKE, Va. – Hopefully you were able to enjoy some of the nicer weather on Saturday because the start of this week will be hot, humid, and rainy. Showers began this morning and stick around all the way until tomorrow afternoon in some spots. Around lunchtime there is a break in the showers, but expect more rain and a better chance for storms in the middle of the afternoon.

Temperatures reach their peak in the middle of the day which is slightly earlier than usual

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The severe risk for today’s storms is low. Expect flashes of lightning with some of the more intense storms. One of the main severe risks for this front is localized flooding. The long time frame for these showers and largely saturated ground mean that some flood-prone areas will fill up with water again. Another reminder to turn around, don’t drown! Conditions for this front are not favorable for high winds or tornadoes.

Since the rainfall lasts through both Sunday and Monday there will be enough water to cause flooding in some towns

Temperatures are hot yet again. We reach our highs in the middle of the day with slightly cooler air in the afternoon. The rain will help bring temperatures down a little earlier than they cool on a dry day. Humidity is high today, but the cold front driving our rain will make the middle of the week much more comfortable. High pressure behind that front will bring in noticeably drier air from our north. Dewpoints will reach the 70s in some spots today then fall into the 50s for the first half of the work week.

Cooler, drier air from the north comes behind the cold front and keeps the middle of the week more comfortable
Humidity drops noticeably once our front moves through

Temperatures are cooler for a few days, but we will be in the 90s again by the end of the week. The Climate Prediction Center forecasts above average temperatures across much of the country for the beginning of June. We won’t have the hottest temperatures in the country, but that doesn’t mean it will feel pleasant outside. Humidity will creep up as temperatures rise.

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