The warm, humid pattern with afternoon showers sticks around into next week

Expect similar conditions from today through the end of the month

ROANOKE, Va. – The end of this week and the start of the next keep a very similar pattern. Highs are consistently in the mid-to-upper 80s. The humidity in the air makes us feel a few degrees warmer than the actual temperature throughout the day. A number of weak fronts drive isolated afternoon showers, but none of them amount to much in terms of rain totals or windspeed.

Showers are sporadic this afternoon, but the Highlands and New River Valley get most of the rainfall
Rain totals are relatively low despite how long the shower chances last

The New River Valley gets the lion’s share of the rain through next week, but even then the rain only adds up to a few tenths of an inch. Rainfall in Roanoke and the Highlands is noticeable, but those totals are even lower. For Friday itself more showers build in the Highlands than Roanoke, but the difference is marginal.

Since the weekend showers are isolated you have some time to get outdoors especially if you hike in the morning

Since the showers are so isolated you can find some time to spend outdoors if you want to enjoy as much of summer as you can. Be sure to stay hydrated: the humidity in the air makes it harder for your body to regulate your temperature on its own. The mornings this weekend are foggy but stay shower free. The best time to get outside is before noon both days, but the afternoon is calm enough that you can still run some errands.

Since showers are so isolated there is nothing to keep the pollen count down from now through Tuesday

Isolated showers also mean there is nothing to stop plants from spreading pollen throughout the environment. Pollen counts are on the high side Friday and stay high into next week. Be sure to stock up on allergy medicine if you haven’t needed it over the last few weeks.

Temperatures are close to average as we start September thanks to a cold front coming in the middle of next week

After a very consistent stretch of weather there is a change coming at the end of August. A cold front brings some extra cloud cover and some showers, but the biggest difference is cooler, drier air that arrives by Friday and sticks around for a few days. Temperatures are closer to average meaning we drop from the upper 80s to the upper 70s and low 80s. If this weekend is a bit too warm and rainy for you then keep an eye on our forecast for next weekend by downloading our app.

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