Temperatures rise today and keep on rising through the week

Sunday is still comfortable, but temperatures are well above average for the very end of summer

Fall is just around the corner, but you wouldn't know it by how hot we are this week

ROANOKE, Va. – Today starts a warming trend taking us away from the comfortable, fall-like temperatures of last week to highs as much as 10 degrees above average. The start of fall this year feels a lot more like summer. Highs this afternoon reach the low-to-mid 80s which is just a few degrees warmer than yesterday.

This afternoon is only a few degrees warmer than Sunday. We still have plenty of heat to gain this week.

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Humidity is generally low for today; it does feel stickier outside today than Saturday, but the difference isn’t huge. The moisture in the air is still low so it’s hard for clouds to form let alone any showers. Humidity increases Monday and is most noticeable in the afternoons.

Humidity cranks up this week. Expect afternoons to feel a few degrees warmer than the actual temperature.

This warming trend lasts throughout the week, but so does our sunshine. The high pressure that kept us clear most of last week is strong enough to last through Thursday. A few days have more clouds than others. A few spotty afternoon showers can develop; if you have plans outside they can go ahead in most spots. This rain is so light that if it does come to your area it wraps up quickly. Tuesday has the best chance for showers, but those are still pretty light.

Any showers Tuesday afternoon are very isolated
The same high pressure that kept us clear last week prevents stormy weather from reaching us

To our south Tropical Storm Fiona is still chugging along. The storm is likely to reach hurricane status by Monday. While it is mostly curving away from the US coast some intense rain still makes it to Cuba and the Bahamas. The strong high pressure in our region helps to keep that system away from us.

Fiona brings intense conditions to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, but Cuba, most of the Bahamas, and the mainland US stay west of the center of the storm

A cold front coming on Thursday brings temperatures closer to average. Conditions are comfortable for high school football on Friday.

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