Enjoy the weekend! Sunshine keeps us comfortable into next week

Temperatures are near or above average as we head towards the end of October

High pressure does a great job of keeping us warm and sunny this week.

ROANOKE, Va. – This weekend’s weather is shaping up very nicely. The cold air from the first part of the week is behind us, and warmer temperatures stick around for quite a while.

High pressure near us prevents clouds from forming, and it brings in warmer air from the center of the country.

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High pressure is keeping us nice and sunny. It also brings in air from our south that is already a little warmer. The incoming air teams up with the sunshine to take highs back towards average today.

Highs are back to average today with even more warmth to come.

Most of the week felt closer to Halloween than September, but with even higher temperatures next week a lot of us will feel like we’re back in the start of the season.

Some days this week felt like Thanksgiving, but this weekend feels more like September.

A weather system in the Atlantic brings some storms to the east coast on Sunday. Showers could extend to the central part of Virginia, but most of us only get a few extra clouds. Any showers that develop are very short lived.

The low pressure offshore could bring some showers to Southside Sunday afternoon.

Despite the extra clouds temperatures keep warming up. Not only do highs get above average, but warmer lows mean comfortable mornings next week.

Frost is much harder to come by in the last week of October.

The comfortable conditions make this a great time to go out and see the leaves as they reach their peak color. If you haven’t seen the peak already you will in the next week.

Calm winds mean the leaves stay on the trees a little longer.

Temperatures stay mild through the week. There is a little dip with a cold front coming through in the middle of the week, but most of the east coast is above average as we approach Halloween.

If you have Trick-Or-Treaters headed out this year it might be warm enough that they don't need a big jacket.

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