Calm days with plenty of clouds through the last October weekend

Skies are cloudy on Saturday and Sunday with showers holding off until Sunday evening

Highs are slightly below average this weekend. If you need to get some last-minute holiday shopping done no rain interrupts your errands.

ROANOKE, Va. – Halloween is only two days away, and as we count down to the holiday the weather stays mild. Temperatures are slightly cooler than average and there is a fair amount of cloud cover, but conditions are quiet enough that if you have any plans on Saturday or Sunday the weather doesn’t get in the way.

Fewer clouds this afternoon means highs climb a couple degrees higher than Friday.

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Today’s highs are a touch warmer than Friday’s. Saturday starts cloudy before letting more sunshine come through in the afternoon. That’s a reverse of Friday where we started clear with extra clouds after lunchtime.

The afternoon sun helps bump the thermometer close to 60 for our highs.

Both races this weekend have nice weather at the start. Showers hold off Sunday until after sunset.

The dry conditions this weekend mean the Xfinity and Cup Series races start without any issues. Any showers coming our way Sunday arrive late in the day. Barring any long delays the race should end before rain starts.

Showers start Sunday, continue through the night, and start wrapping up Monday afternoon.

Low pressure comes our direction from the southwest on Sunday. The moisture it carries from the Gulf of Mexico means clouds Sunday afternoon and showers after sunset. Those showers continue through the night into Monday.

Even though showers start Sunday most of the rain falls Monday

During the day on Halloween skies are cloudy and rain falls consistently from around sunrise until the early afternoon. If you need to do some extra preparation for Trick-Or-Treating try to get it done during the weekend.

Rain on Halloween mostly falls between 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM.

Showers taper off after 2:00 PM. Rain is still possible in the evening, but most of the showers are done before Trick-Or-Treating starts off. Download our weather app for a look at the live radar Monday evening to accurately plan for the weather.

Make sure to have rain boots to deal with all the puddles around, and have a rain jacket or umbrella ready if the showers don’t let up in your zone. Temperatures fall into the 50s and low 60s by the evening.

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