Showers arrive Halloween Eve and stick around into Monday

The rain breaks just in time for Trick-Or-Treaters

Halloween is tomorrow! Monday morning is wet for most of us, but we mostly dry out in time for Trick-Or-Treating.

ROANOKE, Va. – Sunday starts off pleasant with a few clouds for our part of Virginia. Lows are in the 40s and winds are calm. Low pressure coming our way from the southwest means more clouds in the afternoon and showers in the evening.

The low-pressure system picks up moisture from the Gulf of Mexico that leads to our overnight rain.

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Skies are mostly cloudy after noon and stay overcast through the night. Showers start in the evening, but they are light for most of the night. If you have plans on Sunday evening you can still get outdoors but be sure to have an umbrella with you.

The same system that brings us rain brings clouds to Buffalo.

Tonight’s Sunday Night Football game in Buffalo, N.Y. is cloudy, but rain does not make it that far north. The stadium stays dry for the Packers’ visit to town.

Most of Monday is wet with the majority of the rain falling midday.

Light rain continues through the night. Rain picks up at 8:00 AM and lasts until 2:00 PM. Rain tapers off in the late afternoon with isolated showers left in the evening. Trick-Or-Treaters have to look out for puddles, but most can leave the umbrellas at home.

All of us get at least some rain tonight or tomorrow with more coming to Southside.

Once the rain wraps up on Monday we get a break from cloudy skies. Skies are mostly cloudy for the first days of November with more sun by the end of the week. Some afternoon showers are possible (especially Wednesday) but those showers are much less widespread than how October ends.

Warm air comes in behind the rain and keeps us above average to start November.

Highs are close to 70 from Tuesday through the end of the work week. Averages this time of year are in the mid 60s so it feels slightly warmer than a typical November.

Highs are close to 70 for most of us through the middle of the week.

Some extra clouds and showers arrive Thursday without cooling our temperatures. We stay comfortable on Friday and Saturday.

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