Clouds lead to cooler Wednesday; warmer-than-average weather still to come

Highs will be in the 70s for most of the area this weekend into early next week

ROANOKE, Va. – After one of the coolest Octobers in recent memory, November immediately flipped script on Tuesday.

Wednesday temporarily brings us back down to Earth.

A disturbance thousands of feet above will bring more clouds into the region, putting a lid on temperatures for the day.

Clouds return Wednesday due to an upper-level disturbance

Outside of a few late-day sprinkles, we’ll be mostly dry.

High temperatures Wednesday reach the 60s, which is still seasonable for early November. At night, temperatures mostly drop to about 45 to 50°.

24-hour zone forecast for Wednesday, 11/2/2022

Later this week into the weekend, we’ll be sandwiched between high pressure offshore and a strong area of low pressure to the west.

Combined, these help bring in warmer air out of the south.

Weather pattern late this week into the weekend

There’s also limited moisture rising up the terrain, leading to a few stray showers both Saturday and Sunday.

High temperatures will mostly be in the 70s through early next week - well above average for this time of year. Nighttime lows will also be in the 50s.

Daytime temperature trends through Tuesday, 11/8/2022

It’s not until closer to Veteran’s Day weekend that we see things cool off again.

The tropics are not cooling off, as we have newly-formed Lisa and Martin out there now.

Neither of these storms will have a direct impact on our weather here in southwest or central Virginia.

Tropical headlines as of 3:15 a.m., Wednesday, 11/2/2022

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