Showers and storms to end the week

Saturday morning brings the most rain our way

Our cold front drives showers and a few storms early Saturday

ROANOKE, Va. – If you enjoyed our warm weather on Thursday you’re in luck: temperatures are very similar Friday. The most noticeable difference between the last two days in this work week is showers in the Highlands.

Temperatures are very similar to the warmth from Thursday

Some heavy rain came this morning, and in the afternoon scattered showers are still possible. Accumulations stay below a quarter inch.

Scattered showers keep falling in our northern counties

Showers take a break overnight, but Saturday morning brings another round of rain. The system arrives shortly before sunrise and sticks around for most of the morning.

After a break overnight showers come back before sunrise

Some storms can develop from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM. The severe risk is low with this system, but some rumbles of thunder and flashes of lightning are likely.

Thunder is most likely in the mid-morning Saturday

By the late morning the rain is done with us. We stay dry for the rest of the day, and skies are partly cloudy compared to an overcast morning.

Most of our wet weather moves east of us by noon

The greatest storm threat is well outside of our region. We are close to the level 1 risk of storms, but even that is off to our west. Most of Saturday’s storms stay to our south.


This cold front does eventually bring colder air in, but the cooldown is gradual. Temperatures are still in the 70s for much of the weekend and still above average starting the work week.

Even after we begin cooling down temperatures stay comfortable into next week

Pollen is high when we have our calmest weather. Friday and Monday have a particularly high amount of tree pollen.

Pollen is particularly high before and after our rain and wind

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