Feeling like spring with 80s next week

May is shaping up nicely after a cool start

Temperatures are close to 70 through the later half of the day

ROANOKE, Va. – A frosty morning turns into a very pleasant afternoon with calm winds, lots of suns, and temperatures around 70. It might be a bit cool for some, but even those folks have something to look forward to with highs in the 80s next week.

Saturday's highs are only a degree or two cooler

Winds were calm when we were at our coolest, and they stay calm in the afternoon. It’s not the best day for flying a kite, unfortunately. I’m sure there are plenty of other great spring activities you can enjoy!

Winds stay under 10 mph with few gusts

If you’re itching to grill outside, this is a great evening for it. Temperatures stay close to 60 even at 11:00 PM. Most of us stay pretty clear with only a few exceptions.

Skies stay rather clear for most this evening

Clouds arrive in Lynchburg and Southside this evening. They turn skies gray without bringing rainfall. Those clouds have a minimal impact on low temperatures; lows stay in the 40s from east to west.

Clouds build in Lynchburg and Southside today, but most of us see lots of clear skies

Clouds on Saturday produce a few showers, but it really takes until Sunday and Monday for more consistent rain. Monday even has a chance of storms.

Sunday brings our best chance of showers with storms on Monday

A warm front from our south drives clouds in our direction. It’s hard for the clouds to develop showers on the northern edge. Saturday is the drier day of this weekend, but if you prefer warmer temperatures and don’t mind a bit of rain, Sunday is noticeably warmer.

Clouds build in Lynchburg and Southside today, but most of us see lots of clear skies

Temperatures rise into the 80s and stay there for the first half of next week. This puts us above average after a long stretch of staying on the cool side.

Temperatures stay above average through next week

Showers and storm chances could pop up again toward the end of the week. Enjoy the calm springtime weather while it’s here. Severe storm season is not far in the future.

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