A calm start to the weekend but a stormy end

Storms arrive Sunday afternoon

Highs are very similar Sunday despite extra showers and storms

ROANOKE, Va. – Saturday is the nicer half of this first May weekend. Showers are hard to come by, and temperatures are close to average. Enjoy the comfortable weather before it turns stormy on Sunday.

Highs climb back to average Saturday and stay there next week

Highs climb to the 70s after lows in the 40s. Skies are a mix of sun and clouds with just a few showers. Winds stay under 10 mph with few gusts.

The calm does not last long: showers come back by lunchtime Sunday with storms that afternoon. Some extra storms are possible once the work week begins.

Sunday gives us the best chance of storms this week

Sunday starts off rather dry. By noon clouds build with showers in the Highlands. It takes a few more hours for storms to develop.

Showers are present but light in the middle of Sunday

Storms arrive in the mid-afternoon and last until 6:00 PM. The severe threat is rather low but high wind gusts and lightning strikes are possible.

Storms are most likely between 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM

Rain is light through the weekend with most spots only seeing one or two tenths of an inch. Towns just south of US-460 could get rain totals closer to half an inch.

Rain totals are highest just south of US-460

The showers do little to contain our pollen. Pollen counts jump up early next week after a short lull this weekend. Get ready for more sniffles through the month.

Pollen counts jump up after our next fronts

After storms have their say early in the week temperatures fall slowly but steadily. We stay above average right until the end of the work week.

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