Sunday afternoon storms with more to come

Monday and Tuesday bring extra showers and some storms

Storms are strongest in the NRV

ROANOKE, Va. – Sunday starts a stormy stretch that lasts until the middle of the week. Temperatures stay above average through these fronts with only a slight cooldown once they pass.

Drier weather arrives for a few days midweek

Most storms are concentrated in Iowa on Sunday. The Level 1 risk includes much of the Mississippi and Ohio River valleys. Closer to home the NRV is included in the Level 1 risk with the best chance for storms in the early afternoon.

The most intense severe weather stays well to our northwest

Showers start moving our way at noon. Rain reaches the Highlands at that time. The front moves southeast keeping Southside dry until later in the day.

Showers move closer to us at lunchtime

Storms in the NRV and Roanoke zones are possible through the first half of the afternoon. After 3:00 PM the system loses energy.

The line of showers affects most of us in the mid-afternoon

By 4:00 PM showers are much calmer. Extra energy in West Virginia could bring us another round of showers before sunset, but most of us stay dry.

At 4:00 PM showers are coming to an end

The biggest threat the storms pose comes from isolated wind gusts. These could be strong enough to break branches and cause power outages. Be sure to stay safe through the afternoon with the knowledge that calmer weather returns later in the day.

Storm threats are low, but isolated wind gusts could break branches and cause power outages

Temperatures rise nicely in the morning thanks to the sunny skies. We hold on to quite a bit of heat through the evening: we are close to 70 degrees by 10:00 PM, and clouds keep lows around 60.

Temperatures warm nicely thanks to morning sunshine

Wind gusts are isolated during the storms, but once the front passes wind speeds rise across the region. The breeze is rather light with gusts under 20 mph.

Wind gusts pick up after the front moves through

More showers arrive Monday and Tuesday. While Monday’s showers are widespread, Tuesday has the better chance of storm development particularly in the Highlands.

Sunday has the best storm chance, but Monday and Tuesday stay wet

We stay calm Wednesday and Thursday before extra showers arrive at the end of the week. Highs are consistently close to 80 through the week.

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