Mild days ahead of a wet holiday weekend

Showers are consistent from Saturday through Memorial Day

ROANOKE, Va. – Both Thursday and Friday are rather calm, mild days. The factor most of us notice most Thursday is the wind. A light breeze picks up after lunchtime and lasts into the afternoon. Winds ease in the evening keeping us calm overnight.

Winds are noticeable but light through the afternoon

A few of us have sprinkles to deal with in the late afternoon and early evening. Showers try to make it over western slopes in the Highlands, but the highest rain totals come from the NRV where showers arrive before sunset. These showers are very light: most rain totals are under one tenth of an inch.

Showers are at their widest spread in the NRV

Friday looks even drier than Thursday. I wish I could say the same about the holiday weekend, but for most of us it’s a gray and dreary stretch.

Showers start soon after noon on Saturday

Low pressure from our south brings moisture in from the Atlantic consistently. Clouds build early Saturday with showers after noon.

Saturday also has the best chance for storms with a warm front moving over. The severe risk is low, but some rumbles of thunder are possible.

Low pressure from the south draws ocean water onshore

Showers continue through Saturday night into Sunday morning. Even Monday has another round of rain coming in that keeps it feeling very close to Sunday.

Saturday is the wettest day and the one with the best chance of storms

The severe risk for us is rather low with this system. Storms are much more likely in Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado than anywhere on the east coast.

Storm chances are well to our west on Saturday

Cloudy skies keep temperatures below average through the start of next week. Once the clouds break up we have lots of warm weather on the way.

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