Storms on Friday move out for the weekend

Even Friday’s showers and storms are isolated

ROANOKE, Va. – Friday is one of the longest days of the year. The summer solstice is only a few seconds longer than Friday. If you love a bright sunny weekend you’re in luck after Friday’s showers are through.

Friday is only a few seconds shorter than the longest day of the year

The worst storms on Friday stay south of us in states recently affected by damaging storms. The eastern edges of Lynchburg and Southside are included in a Level 1 storm risk.

Storms are most likely on Friday in some of the same spots that saw storms earlier in the

Both showers and storms are isolated this afternoon. Many of us stay dry through Friday, but where we don’t some thunder can rumble around.

Showers are limited for most through Friday afternoon

Spending time outdoors early or late is your best option in dodging the storms. After 4:00 PM there is very little moisture left to bother you in the evening.

Getting out early or late makes for the most comfortable exercising

By noon showers develop in our northern counties. Most of these are light, but the yellows and oranges on the map show downpours that develop.

Showers stay north in the middle of the day

Storms have a better chance of forming around 2:00 PM in Appomattox and Campbell counties. Showers even spread out in the Highlands and NRV.

Storms have the best chance of forming from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

By 4:00 PM most of our mositure moves away leaving us dry and calm. That dry weather lasts through the weeekend.

By 4:00 PM showers are light and separated

Moisture in the air means Friday feels humid. The front moving away helps the weekend feel nicer despite warmer temperatures.

Humidity drops nicely for the weekend

The weekend gives us a solid break from rainfall. Monday brings storms back with shower chances lingering for days afterwards.

Showers and storms stay away this weekend

The weekend sunshine brings temperatures up a few degrees. Some highs in our warmest zones approach 90 on Sunday.

Temperatures jump above average on Sunday

If you plan to spend any time outside on Sunday be sure to protect yourself from the sun. Sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses will be your best friends. The day being so long means if left unprotected you could get burnt quite quickly.

Father's Day itself feels very June-like

Once the system comes through early next week cooler air settles in. The official start of summer coming next week keeps temperatures close to 10 degrees below average.

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