Dry and warm for the last spring weekend

Once showers come back they stick around much of next week

Saturday and Sunday are great days to spend outdoors

ROANOKE, Va. – The combination Juneteenth-Father’s Day weekend has two great days before showers arrive on Monday itself. If you are spending time outside be sure to take precautions against both sun and heat. Use sunscreen and cover up if you burn easily, and stay hydrated in the afternoons in particular.

The Juneteenth weekend has two very nice late spring days

Air quality is not as good as it could be with even more fires in Canada. The smoke in the air is Moderate on Saturday: you can still spend time outside, but if you notice your breathing is affected head inside to let it recover.

Air quality is not perfect, but the worst smoke stays north of us

Humidity is noticeable both days of the weekend without being high enough to be a problem. The Dewpoint increases on Monday as our showers arrive.

Humidity exists, but you can go outside without immediately feeling sticky

Father’s Day is the warmest piece of this stretch. Highs rise close to 90 in the afternoon. This is the last time we are anywhere close to the 90 mark since next week’s system cools us off.

Sunday is one of the warmest days so far this year

Low pressure in the south sends moisture our way on Juneteenth. Showers are likely with some isolated storms. There could be severe thunderstorm warnings, but the main severe threat is concentrated hundreds of miles to our south.

Storms are most likely in the late afternoon on Monday

Storms are common from Oklahoma to Florida this weekend. If you’re flying through Dallas, Atlanta, or Denver delays are a possibility. The Level 1 risk on Monday is a good sign that our storms stay less than severe on Juneteenth.

Severe chances are low on Monday: the Level 1 risk stays well to our south

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