Gray and rainy again with a risk of flooding

Rain lets up by the weekend

Flood risks are highest on Thursday in the NRV

ROANOKE, Va. – Thursday keeps the rainy pattern going with consistent showers from dawn until dusk. The collected rain from this week means we have an elevated flood risk on Thursday in particular.

The Level 2 risk for flooding overlaps some with our Flood Watch

A Flood Watch is in effect through Thursday evening in Grayson, Carroll, Patrick, and Floyd Counties. Excess rainfall here could lead to flooding more quickly than in the rest of our region.

The southern edge of the NRV is included in Thursday's Flood Watch

Rain came across our southern border early in the day, but it takes some time to really spread out. By the early afternoon most of us have some consistent rainfall.

By the early afternoon most of us have rainfall

Rain lasts into the evening with thick cloud cover. Those clouds prevent us from warming up keeping afternoon temperatures less than 10 degrees above where we were Thursday morning.

Widespread rain lingers into the evening

Of the days left in the week Thursday has the heaviest rain. When adding on what we get Friday and Saturday many spots across the Roanoke, Lynchburg, and Southside zones see more than an inch of rain.

Rain totals in the NRV are slightly lower. Lower rain totals mean a lower flooding risk which is good news for those counties in the Flood Watch.

Rainfall is highest in the Lynchburg and Southside zones

Friday and Saturday keep us soggy, but the clouds are not quite as consistent. That helps heat build in to put us in the 80s by the weekend. Sunday even looks dry with partly cloudy skies before a storm front arrives on Monday.

Sunday is the first break from rain in quite some time

Wet weather is common into next week, and even through the end of the month showers likely. These cloudy skies will keep temperatures below average as we approach the hottest part of the year.

Wet weather lasts through the end of June

Stay safe in the face of all of this rainfall. While most of the falling rain is light enough to drive through know that even small amounts of moving water on the ground can lift a car and transport it quickly. Turn around from any water blocking the road, and stay vigilant until waters start to come down.

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