Isolated storms with a quieter weekend

Storms take a break until Monday

Temperatures are more comfortable today if you need to get outside

ROANOKE, Va. – Friday starts with less rain than Thursday did. Showers come back in the afternoon with the potential for storms between 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM.

Showers gain intensity in the mid-afternoon

Showers stay calm until after 3:00 PM. The system develops in the western side of our region and moves east as the afternoon continues.

Spotty storms and isolated downpours linger through 6:00 PM

By 4:00 PM there is enough energy in the showers for lightning and some high wind gusts. The severe threat is low for us, but it’s best to stay inside through the late afternoon if you can.

Showers are calmer by 9:00 PM

The storms lose most of their energy by 7:00 PM. Showers continue for a few more hours, but by sunrise most of us are dry. Saturday stays dry until the afternoon when our low pressure system wraps moisture back towards us.

Rain totals in most spots are under three tenths of an inch

Rain totals from Friday and Saturday are rather light. Considering some of our region is still in a drought any rain we can get in northern counties will help get us where we should be at this time of year.

Sunday's weather is nicer in most regards

This weekend won’t be the nicest to get outside, but Sunday’s weather is calm enough to let you enjoy the day. Have a place to duck inside from any light showers that pop up.

Both Bret and Cindy lose energy before reaching us

While energy is low for storms here that is not the case in the Atlantic. Two tropical storms, Bret and Cindy, march westward through the weekend. Bret will lose most of its energy by Sunday. Cindy lingers longer, but when it runs into cooler water off the American coast it has a hard time staying together.

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