Severe weather possible Sunday, keep an eye on the radar

We will see a couple of lines of storms move through the course of the day, and then the chance for some isolated storms to pop up

A slight and marginal risk in affect for our areas. (2/5 for most, 1/5 for the Highlands)

ROANOKE, Va. – Today’s severe weather threat is a level 2/5 for Southside, Lynchburg, the Roanoke Valley, and the New River Valley. Today’s storms bring the chance to see damaging winds, isolated flooding, hail, and the low possibility of an isolated tornado.

On Monday the risk for severe weather exists, but the threat is reduced as the Storm Prediction Center indicates a shift toward the east in the 2/5 risk and the 1/5 risk.

Full SPC view for today

A closer look at today’s threat shows that nearly all zones are in a slight risk for severe weather (2/5). The exception here is the Highlands (1/5). However, I do expect most zones to see some storms today whether or not they go severe. We are still in a rainfall deficit so any amount of rain will help. Please stay weather aware out there today!

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A slight and marginal risk in affect for our area.

The Timing

Around 11 a.m., we will start to see the first storms move into the area. I do think these storms will have a hard time getting going due to having to get over the mountains, but once they are on the lee-side it will be a bit easier to fire up. These storms will most likely be most of what we see today as they should move out of our eastern zones by about 2 p.m.

If the line never develops we can expect to see isolated storms throughout the early and mid-afternoon.

Later on, we will see more thundershowers move into the region, but this will be after sunset with our western zones seeing the first impacts.

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Radar will be active around 12pm and then dry out for a little before storms tonight.

The weather headlines over the next few days show that smoke will no longer be an issue for us. Air quality has dramatically improved and we are now in the ‘good’ category for the air quality index (aqi).

Storms will be isolated throughout Sunday and Monday with the threat of some storms going severe. Keep an eye on the radar if possible because some storms have the potential to be nasty.

A look at the next few days

The Fourth of July looks great thus far! If you are looking to get out the grill to prep some food for Tuesday your best time will be in the mid-afternoon today after the first round of storms and then early tomorrow as storms will have the chance to fire up in the afternoon. Tuesday will be a great day to get out on the grill! Get out there and enjoy the 4th!

Temperatures on the 4th are expected to be in the low 90s for lower elevation areas and then a little cooler, the upper 80s, for those in higher elevations. Partly cloudy conditions will exist and then turn to mostly sunny.

Best time to get on the grill is Tuesday!

About the Author:

Parker was born and raised in central Florida. He first became interested in the weather at a young age when Hurricane Charlie passed directly over his house on August 13th, 2004. Since that day, he knew he wanted to be a Meteorologist.