One more day of severe weather. Then we are clear for the 4th of July!

In the early afternoon hours we will start to see clouds building up and then turning into storms around 2-3pm. Some could develop well and go severe.

Slight risk (2/5) for Southside and Lynchburg today. Marginal risk (1/5) east of i-81

ROANOKE, Va. – Today’s Severe Weather threat won’t be as widespread as it was yesterday. Storms will be more isolated and will fire up along the eastern portions of the Roanoke Valley and then track toward the west.

Some of these storms will take a bit to get going, others will pop up in what will seem like only a few minutes. Along i-81 is about as far west as we are expecting storms to start building. Once they pass over into Southside and Lynchburg they could become more unstable as more energy is available in these zones for the afternoon.

A look at today's storm activity. 1pm shown above.


A look at storm potential, winds, and temperatures for your Fourth of July! So far, it looks like a typical Summer day. Rain chances are low, but we could see a stray shower or two that won’t last too long and won’t impact the day’s plans.

Winds will be mostly calm but will offer relief from humidity levels that will be high early in the morning and soon after the sun sets.

Temperatures will be in the upper 80s west of I-81 and lower 90s in our eastern zones. It will be a hot one, but cloud cover will offer some nice shade at times throughout the day.

You’ll find it useful to download our weather app and keep an eye on the radar and any warnings that may be issued.

Here is a look at tomorrow's temperatures, winds, and storm opportunities.

Dry for the 4th of July! Partly cloudy conditions and hot temperatures will be what we all see tomorrow.

A hot week is in store for all of us here in west central Virginia. Temperatures getting into the lower 90s most days this week (upper 80s in high elevations).

Storm chances will return later this week as another weather system will march through our zones sometime Friday and into the weekend.

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Dry and humid air mix and match this week.

A look at your extended forecast. Rain chances are low, but not 0 for the 4th of July. I think the most likely areas to see a stray shower on Tuesday are counties along the North Carolina and Virginia border. If a shower does pop up, it won’t be long-lasting and will be a minor hiccup in the day.

High temps are the talk this week. It really is starting to feel like Summer out there!

A look at your 7-day

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