Smoky skies to start the week; air quality will have to be monitored

Smoke from Canadian wildfires has funneled into our region. The smoke will last a couple of days and air quality will be on the lower end until the smoke moves out

ROANOKE, Va. – By the middle of the day, the heaviest of the smoke has moved further to the east and right overhead. All of our zones will have smoky and hazy conditions throughout the day.

The density of the smoke won’t be as high this time around, and it won’t last as long. It should be moving out and primarily out of our area by the middle of the week.

*This morning* this could change through the day, stay updated.

Our air quality this morning is in the moderate category. If you are sensitive to changes in air quality and the introduction of fine particulates in the atmosphere, please be aware over the course of the day as air quality could get slightly worse at times.

It will be a back and forth as thinner smoke will move overhead at times, and then patches of denser smoke will follow through the day.

A look at noon on Tuesday.

At noon on Tuesday, the smoke will be a lot thinner and our air quality will improve. Again, heavier smoke will move through at times, but the majority of it will be thin and will provide a film over the horizon.

While the air quality will be a concern, our sunrises and sunsets will be picturesque.

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What we're tracking to start the week.

What we’re tracking this week is partly cloudy skies and smoke. By Wednesday, we will see afternoon storms come back into play and we could see some heavier rain as moisture builds back into play. Hot temperatures remain through the rest of the week as humid air will make it feel a little warmer than it actually is.

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A look at the next 7 days

Your extended forecast shows low rain chances until Wednesday. A weak front will move through and will offer the chance for storms to pop up.

We could see scattered storms in the afternoon hours. These storms could pack a punch at times and will likely bring heavy rainfall to some of us due to increasing moisture levels.

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