Temperatures climb to the low 90s with isolated showers this afternoon

Today will certainly be hot for some of us. Stay cool out there!

A look at the headlines

ROANOKE, Va. – Here is a look at what we are tracking over the next couple of days. Isolated showers, and hot temperatures for the weekend. Monday storms come rolling in during the afternoon hours.

Feeling Humid and Sometimes Tropical

This afternoon our dew point temperatures will climb to the upper 60s! This means humidity will be fairly high and any outdoor activities should be accompanied with plenty of water. Tomorrow, our dew point temperatures get even higher, meaning it will feel hotter out there!

Feels Like Temperatures This Afternoon

Thanks to high temperatures getting into the lower 90s and dew points nearing 70° this afternoon our feels like temperatures will be in the upper 80s out west, upper 90s east of I-81. It sure will feel hot out there today, and unfortunately tomorrow looks like it will feel a tad hotter in the peak of the afternoon.

SPC day 1 outlook

Today offers the chance to see some severe weather, though it won’t be widespread. A few isolated showers through the afternoon are expected across the entire viewing area, but the stronger storms are more likely to pop up west of the parkway.

Rain Chances Around 5:00PM

Future tracker showing rain chances near 5:00 PM. Again, any showers this afternoon will be isolated.


Tonight is the Perseid Meteor Shower. Skies will be mostly clear and the moon won’t be shining too bright so we should be able to see a decent amount of meteors. Get out to a dark skyline between 10PM-4AM tonight for the best chance to see one of the most active meteor showers this year has to offer.

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Keeping an eye on Monday's rain chances

Monday is the next big weather maker that we are watching. Isolated to scattered storms are expected in the mid-late afternoon. Some storms could transition into the severe category, but that will only be a few.

Nevertheless, we need to keep an eye on Monday’s round of rain and activities.

A look at the next 7 days

Here is a look at the next 7 days. We are dealing with the heat this weekend!

Rain chances fall off after Monday and we cool down quite a bit. The middle of the week should offer some fantastic weather!

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