Warmer temperatures for Sunday

Clear skies and a bump in humidity will make for a warm end to the weekend

This week's headlines

ROANOKE, Va. – We are still tracking heat to close out the weekend and start off the work week. Temperatures this week will be above average every single day.

Smoke returns at the mid and upper levels

We are tracking smoke from Canadian wildfire smoke. If you look to the skies and off to the distance you will likely see a bit of haze as smoke is moving into our region from the north and west. This will clear up on Monday, but smoke will return on Tuesday. Not much of this is getting mixed down to the surface, so no air quality concerns exist at the moment.

The brief periods of smoky skies should make for some picturesque sunrises and sunsets.

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A warm week ahead

Daytime temperature trends show well above average temperatures to start and close off this upcoming week. A heatwave will move in from the west, and then a “cool” front will pass through toward the middle of the week. Temperatures will still be above average during the “cool” front.

Above average temperatures this week

Here is the impact timeline for this upcoming week. More heat in the front and back of the week. Stay cool out there!

Dry weather for most of this week

We are tracking big time high pressure. A lot of the plains and mid-west are under heat advisories, watches, or warnings. Temperatures are soaring in parts of the country and that same area of high pressure will be impacting us through the beginning of this week.

We are now tracking 5 areas in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico

We are also tracking new tropical development. Yesterday Tropical Depression 6 formed in the western Atlantic. We are still monitoring an area in the Gulf of Mexico and another in the Caribbean. While these systems won’t impact us, it is a good idea to give any friends and family living along the gulf coast a heads-up. (Areas in red are now at 80% of development in the next 7 days. Wave in orange off the coast of Africa is now at 50%).

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