Warm, dry and clear for Wednesday

Average temperatures and lower humidity will be the theme of the day

ROANOKE, Va. – Wednesday will shape up to be a pretty nice day with moderate and seasonal temperatures. However, Thursday and Friday are looking hot!

What it is

A back door cool front moved through last night. Instead of a traditional front (moving northwest to southeast), a northeast-to-southwest moving front has brought cooler temperatures and drier air into our region. These temperatures won’t last long as high pressure will battle it out with low pressure and push back to the east.

Showers and storms possible *Thursday* morning

Here is a look at future tracker. A couple of showers will develop to our north later this afternoon and push to the south overnight. We will likely see isolated showers and storms throughout Thursday. It has been over a week since we last saw rain, so this is much needed!

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Heat returns tomorrow and so do storms

Thursday and Friday are looking hot and hotter. Daytime temperatures will be in the lower 90s for Thursday and the upper 90s for Friday. Plus, rain chances return in the afternoon hours thanks to a rise in humidity.

How hot Friday could feel

The peak heat index (’feels like’) on Friday could reach 100-105° in Southside, Lynchburg and parts of the Roanoke Valley. West of I-81 will feel a couple of degrees cooler, but it will still feel hot out there!

The tropics are still very active

The tropics are still very active. Tropical Depression Harold is pushing through southern Texas and is bringing some much-needed rain for the area. Tropical Storm Franklin is having trouble staying together due to westerly shear at the mid and upper levels of the atmosphere and is expected to bring heavy rains and gusty winds to the island of Hispaniola. We are also watching two areas in the central Atlantic that have a decent chance of developing in the next 7 days.

A look at the next 7 days

Your Extended Forecast shows a bunch of temperature swings. We get close to the triple digits on Friday, but thankfully cool down by the end of the weekend. Rain chances are also up for 6 of the next 7 days. We haven’t had rain for quite some time, so hopefully all of us get a little bit of relief as some of our lawns definitely need rain.

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About the Author:

Parker was born and raised in central Florida. He first became interested in the weather at a young age when Hurricane Charlie passed directly over his house on August 13th, 2004. Since that day, he knew he wanted to be a Meteorologist.