A quick round of afternoon storms

Temperatures rise even higher on Friday

ROANOKE, Va. – Thursday and Friday are both hot days with chances for isolated storms in the afternoons. A break from the heat comes this weekend as a cold front sends more mild air our way from the north.

Try to stay inside or at least out of the sun as much as you can on Friday

Sunshine and incoming heat from the south team up to push us into the 90 range Thursday afternoon. The warmest temperatures are east of Roanoke with plenty reaching the low 90s.

Today's temperatures are within a few degrees of 90

The bulk of storms stay well to the north. Storms in Ohio and Michigan are strongest while sending pieces of energy further south to encourage our storms to develop.

The main storm risk stays well to our north on Thursday

The best chance for those storms comes in the afternoon. While the Highlands is the only zone included in the SPC risk, there is some development further south. Check in with WSLS throughout the day to see if any storms get in your way.

Storms through Thursday afternoon move quickly

The late afternoon and evening stay dry. Some showers and even downpours move through West Virginia Thursday night, giving our northern edge some showers before sunrise.

A wave of showers arrives after midnight on our northern edge

Temperatures stay in the 70s for lows Thursday night. Add even more heat from the south and more sunshine and you get the recipe for one of 2023′s hottest days.

Tomorrow's temperatures approach 100 across the region

The chance for storms is more widespread on Friday. Storms have an easier time developing outside of our region, but isolated systems similar to Thursday are possible.

Friday's severe chance covers a wider area than Thursday's

Showers are slightly more widespread through the mid-afternoon on Friday. The low severe chance means damaging winds are possible but not likely.

Friday afternoon's storms are very isolated

Friday’s weather is the worst for most of us this week. Cooler, less humid air works in behind the front that causes Friday’s storms.

Friday is the hottest day of the week ahead

That cold front keeps showers minimal through the weekend. Higher pressure settles in behind the front to keep us partly cloudy. Some showers can develop, but storms hold off until early next week.

Once this cold front moves through we have cooler, drier weather coming in

The drop in temperatures lasts quite a while. Saturday is almost 10 degrees cooler than Friday, and Sunday drops at least another 5 degrees.

Heat gradually eases off this weekend

Humidity drops after the front as well. The lower humidity means the weekend feels much more comfortable than the stormy days that end the work week.

Humidity drops after our hottest days

The swing in temperatures is most pronounced when comparing Friday which is one of our hottest all year to Monday which is below average. We stay close to average (which for mid-August is rather comfortable) through midweek.

Temperatures drop by close to 20 degrees by Monday

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