Hot again with more isolated storms

Stay cool as temperatures reach 90 again

ROANOKE, Va. – Friday repeats some features of Thursday’s weather: hot temperatures that feel even hotter thanks to humidity and isolated storms.

Temperatures are still hot but held down slightly thanks to morning clouds

Most of us reach the low-to-mid 90s for highs in the afternoon. Humidity brings the heat index into the upper 90s for most with some spots reaching triple digits. The heat might not be setting records but be sure to stay hydrated and cool down as well as you can.

Only a few spots see a heat index in the triple digits

For perspective, Excessive Heat Warnings and even Heat Advisories stay well off to our west. Even though it’s less than comfortable here our heat is not quite as dangerous as that in the center of the country.

Heat Warnings and Advisories stay to our west

On top of the heat we have a few rounds of wet weather. Showers started early in the day in Pocahontas County, and showers and downpours continue through the morning north of US-460.

Most of us north of US-460 have rain Friday morning

We get a break in the afternoon when we stay dry and even see some extra sunshine. Skies turn cloudy again in the late afternoon, but the isolated storms in the later part of the day stay on the edges of our region.

Isolated storms later today brush the western and eastern edges of our region

The severe threat is rather low for us. While we have the chance for some damaging wind the threat level stays at a 1. Hail and tornadoes are unlikely.

The hail and tornado risk are particularly low on Friday

The front causing isolated storms on Friday relieves our weather this weekend. Humidity drops on Saturday to help us feel more comfortable, and temperatures drop by close to 10 degrees for Sunday.

Saturday brings humidity down with temperatures cooling on Sunday

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