Sunday will bring hit-or-miss showers and storms

Moderate temperatures in the low to mid 80s Sunday, but humidity is through the roof

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ROANOKE, Va. – We are tracking isolated showers and storms on your Sunday. A lot of our yards need rain, and this upcoming week will likely bring a decent amount of it.

Isolated showers and storms this afternoon

Here is a look at the future tracker this afternoon. A couple of storms here and there to close out the weekend.

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Staying humid & tropical the next few days.

Dew point temperatures are through the roof. These next few days will feel humid and sometimes tropical. Because there is a lot of moisture in the air, our rain chances remain fairly high through Wednesday.

A cold front will bring increased rain chances.

The reason for such high dew point temperatures and muggy conditions is because of a cold front that is currently passing through. A lot of moisture is being sucked up and brought to our region by this front.

Rain chances become more widespread on Monday, and start to taper off through Tuesday.

Tracking Franklin and Newly formed Tropical Depression 10

The Atlantic has become active this month. Hurricane Franklin is expected to become a major hurricane (category 3+) over the next few days and bring heavy rains and gusty winds to the island of Bermuda. No other immediate threat to land is forecasted at this time.

We are also tracking newly formed Tropical Depression 10. This storm is currently in the western Caribbean and is basically stationary. It will move into the Gulf of Mexico by Tuesday and strengthen into a tropical storm, then a hurricane. So far, computer models are dialing in on Florida’s panhandle and all of the Gulf Coast should be keeping a lookout on this storm.

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A look at the next 7 days

Rain chances are high to start the week, but fall off day by day. Temperatures will be more moderate this week, so a cool end to the month of August.

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