A late week cold front brings storms as it cools us down

Rain is coming to some counties where it’s needed

ROANOKE, Va. – Thursday to Saturday is a rainy stretch with isolated storms possible each day. Friday has the best chance of storms developing high winds or hail. After this front moves through we have calmer, cooler weather at the start of next week.

Next week starts on a calmer and cooler note

Thursday’s frontal movement means a storm chance from Quebec to Florida with the main risk in New York and Pennsylvania.

The Level 2 risk is mostly north of us today

The first round of showers causes some downpours in the Highlands before noon.

Isolated storms pop up north through Thursday morning

We get a short break in the middle of the day before storms return after 2:00 PM. The afternoon’s storms are isolated like they are in the morning.

Another round of isolated showers and storms moves through in the afternoon

By sunset the storms calm, and after sunset few showers stick around. We stay dry for most of the night.

Showers drop off after sunset

The showers and clouds help temperatures stay slightly cooler than they were on Wednesday. Most highs stay in the upper 80s or low 90s.

Clouds and showers help keep us cooler than Wednesday

Friday brings another round of storms. The showers are more widespread, but the severe threat is rather similar. There is a chance of hail on Friday, but it’s hard for that hail to grow large.

Friday is the one day in this stretch with a hail threat

The Atlantic has one named storm right now, but any development stays away from us until next week.

Hurricane Lee is the only named storm in the Atlantic as of Thursday morning

Hurricane Lee will strengthen quickly becoming a Category 4 by Saturday morning. By the middle of next week the storm is well offshore. Keep checking in with us to see if we get any rain and wind from this system.

Hurricane Lee heads towards the Bahamas by early next week. Keep checking in with us as the storm gets closer to see how it moves next week.

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