Friday’s storms mirror Thursday’s system

Be ready for more damaging winds and hail

ROANOKE, Va. – Thursday started calm with showers and storms through the afternoon. Friday continues that pattern with storms that present another threat of wind gusts and hail.

The greatest chance of damaging winds is in our northern counties

The morning stays calm, but by 2:00 PM showers begin to build. Most showers develop in the Highlands in the mid-afternoon.

The storm risk starts at 2:00 PM and continues into the evening

Storms are at their peak later in the afternoon. The worst storms are in the northern parts of the NRV and Highlands, but storms are possible further south and east.

Storms are at their peak in the late afternoon

Showers continue through 8:00 PM, but storms have a harder time developing here after sunset. Some can form, but they are not as widespread as the late afternoon.

Isolated storms continue to develop even after sunset

The greatest threat for most is the damaging wind in some severe storms. Hail formed with yesterday’s storms and is still possible on Friday. The cooler temperatures help keep the hail chance somewhat lower. The flood chance is low today with a greater chance this weekend.

Wind gusts are the greatest threat today, but the flood risk goes up on Saturday

The cloudy skies and showers prevent temperatures from reaching the 90s for most. This cooling trend continues into the weekend thanks to the consistently cloudy skies.

Today's clouds and storms help temperatures stay a few degrees cooler

Rain is heaviest north of US-460 in the afternoon. Most accumulations are less than a quarter-inch with higher amounts in Highland, Greenbrier, and Pocahontas counties in particular.

Rain concentrates north of US-460 on Friday

Dry conditions through much of the last week mean rain can get absorbed on Friday. The more consistent rain on Saturday means the flood risk is higher as we start the weekend.

The flooding risk is higher on Saturday thanks to more consistent rain

Showers continue into Sunday when both the flood and storm risk drop. We dry out early in the week with temperatures close to average.

Each day through Tuesday gives us slightly calmer weather

A cold front coming in the middle of the week means another round of storms; the severe threat is low for now. Behind that front high pressure helps to steer Hurricane Lee away from the US.

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