More rain, flood risk Sunday afternoon

Severe weather is more limited than it was on Saturday

Rain from the past three days means we are at a greater risk of flooding

ROANOKE, Va. – Rain buildup since Thursday means today’s showers present another risk of flooding. The risk is more limited than it was on Saturday, but there is still a Flood Watch in the Highlands and NRV.

The Flood Watch sticks to northern counties as opposed to the widespread watch we had on Saturday

Rain builds slowly and steadily through the day. Large downpours are unlikely, but some can develop and there is even a chance of thunder. Rain totals are mostly under 0.5 inches, but with the rain already at the surface it doesn’t take as much for flooding to begin.

Accumulations between 0.25 and 0.5 inches are common

Showers are light in the morning. By noon they spread further north adding showers to the counties in the Flood Watch.

Showers pick up in northern counties after noon

By 3:00 PM showers are at their full strength.

Shower intensity picks up in the mid-afternoon

Showers continue, especially west of I-81, through 6:00 PM. Most showers are light, but some heavy rains can develop.

Some downpours develop in the evening

Shower intensity eases off after sunset. By 9:00 PM there are few showers left, but it takes a few hours longer for waters to recede.

Showers are mostly done by 9:00 PM

The flood threat is concentrated north and west, but there is still a chance further east. The Level 2 risk reaches all the way up into New England; we are on the very southern edge of the medium threat.

The flood risk is much lower on Sunday than it was on Saturday

Some good news is that severe storms are unlikely. The only Level 2 risk in the country is well to our west, and no Level 1 risk gets closer to us.

Severe storms are well to our west today

Monday gives us a chance to dry out, but isolated storms on Tuesday and Wednesday make it hard to enjoy the seasonable temperatures this week. Behind that front there is a nice stretch of cooler, comfortable days.

Monday only offers a short break before storms return

We get sunshine on Monday, but a few sprinkles can develop. It really takes until Thursday for the nice stretch to begin. Once it does it sticks around even into next week.

The midweek front gives way to a very nice pattern

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