Friday’s rain leads to cool, breezy days

Warmer air comes along next week

ROANOKE, Va. – Much like last week we have another late-week front that brings rain with wind and cool air behind it. If you love your fall temperatures try to enjoy this weekend.

Rain is widespread but light

Rain spreads early in the day. By late in the morning most of us have at least some drops.

Most of us have rain before noon

In the afternoon the consistent rain breaks up, but we still have showers into the evening. Some of those showers could even cause a rumble of thunder.

Rain is less consistent after 3:00 PM

We dry out after 8:00 PM and stay dry through the weekend. Clouds stick around through the night before breaking up on Saturday.

After 8:00 PM there are only a few showers left

Showers are light enough by 6:00 PM that most high school kickoffs should happen on time.

Showers are light by the time high school football kicks off

Rain is heaviest on our northern and western edges. Totals are mostly between a quarter and half inch with slightly more possible in the NRV.

Our highest rain totals are in the NRV and Highlands

As soon as the showers finish our winds pick up. Gusts to 25 mph are possible Friday night with gusts as high as 40 mph on Saturday.

Once showers wrap up wind speeds rise

Temperatures are limited despite consistent sunshine. We stay in the 60s for most highs with some even in the 50s on Sunday.

Highs are limited with cooler air arriving from the north

Warmer air teams up with sunshine to bring temperatures above average by the middle of next week.

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