Breezy winds and clearing skies Saturday

Today will shape up to be a great day for the outdoors! Gusty conditions peak around the middle of the day.

What We're Tracking This Weekend

ROANOKE, Va. – Gusty winds are the theme of the day. They will carry over into tomorrow and will keep our daytime high temperatures cool. Clear skies will allow our overnight temperatures to get cold and we will likely see frost in a lot of our zones.

A look at this weekend

This weekend will be very nice out! Temperatures will be moderate and sunshine will be plentiful. Take advantage of this dry weekend as the past two have had at least one soggy day.

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Breezy conditions all day! Gusty winds at times!

Winds will be gusting near 30mph today. Most of us will see a sustained breeze around 10-15 mph. Thankfully our winds die down overnight. However, tomorrow will also offer some breezy winds.

A good day to enjoy collegiate sports. Though only one team plays at home this weekend.

Though VMI are the only college football team to play at home this weekend it will be a fantastic day to kick back, relax, and watch all of the away games. If you are headed to the game, you will want to bring a light coat as winds will make it feel a little cooler than it actually is.

Monday and Tuesday will feature a chance of seeing frost

Frost will be limited Sunday morning, but it will likely be widespread Monday and Tuesday. Overnight temperatures dip into the 30s both Monday and Tuesday morning and will bring opportunities to see frost along our rooftops, windshields and front yards!

The 5 AM update shows the latest on Hurricane Tammy

Hurricane Tammy is out in the eastern Caribbean and will track to the north and west. It is expected to impact the Leeward Islands and then remain out to sea.

A look at the next 7 days

The next 7 days will bring lots of sun. For those of us that love the warmth, have a look at Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday! Temperatures will be above average to close out the upcoming week. However, we will have to deal with some cold morning temperatures before we get there.

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