The warm trend continues...

Each day will progressively become warmer than the previous this week. Rain showers could make a comeback on Friday.

How It Influences Us

ROANOKE, Va. – High pressure will continue to keep our skies mostly clear this week. It will also maintain and increase the warmth each day through Thursday.

A nice day to get outdoors

Not too shabby of a day to get outdoors and enjoy the calm and warm weather. Here is a look at your playground forecast!

Getting close to 70° again today

Temperatures today will most likely match what we saw yesterday. The NRV and Highlands get to the mid 70s and the Roanoke Valley, Lynchburg, and Southside get right up to about 70°.

Looking good for yard work

A lot of our yards are littered with leaves. The next 3 days will give plenty of opportunity to get out there and do any yard work that is needed.

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High pressure through the middle of the week, then low pressure moves in

We are tracking high pressure for the next several days. This will keep our skies mostly clear and our morning and afternoon temperatures above normal.

This week will be warm!

Each day will get warmer than the previous through the middle of the week. Our average high for this time of year is right around 64°. We will be nowhere near that for the next 5 days...

A look at the next 7 days

If you are a fan of warm temperatures, this week is for you! With the end of the year approaching, we likely won’t get too many more days where we have afternoon temperatures in the upper 70s.

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