One more mild day before a soggy cold front

Rain totals are not enough to help our drought

Temperatures are changing a lot this weekend

ROANOKE, Va. – Thursday marks the end of the more summer-like weather pattern. Temperatures rise well into the 70s and even reach the 80s in some spots.

Once we start cooling we continue that trend through Saturday morning

Showers begin very late in the day on Thursday with the bulk of our next cold front arriving on Friday. That means clouds and rain on Friday with cooler air by the weekend.

Showers hold off until late Thursday night

Rain is rather consistent but very light through Friday. If you need to get errands done you can certainly do some driving, but it’s not the best day for a picnic. Temperatures fall consistently thanks to the rain so most highs happen at midnight with a steady cooldown through the day.

Showers start wrapping up Friday afternoon

After the front we stay dry. Other than light sprinkles on Sunday the weekend is bright and sunny. Temperatures are limited with colder air coming our way: highs are stuck in the 50s until midweek.

Highs are much more seasonable this weekend
Most rain totals are under 0.25 inches

Any rain right now is helpful in getting rainfall levels back to where they are on average. Most of us only get 0.1 or 0.2 inches of rain so we have a long way to go. The drought monitor will be more red and brown through the first half of November with such little rain to help.

Friday's rain is not enough to get us out of drought conditions
Showers are easing off by the time high school football begins

The light rain also means there is not much to get in the way of any high school football games. Temperatures are cool, but it’s unlikely any games get rained out.

Temperatures are much closer to average through the week ahead

The front brings us back to what we have in a typical fall. Highs are much closer to average through the middle of next week than they were through the middle of this week.

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