Friday’s rain drags down temperatures

Most of our high temperatures happened at midnight

Rain spread through the eastern piece of the country Friday morning

ROANOKE, Va. – Friday sends through the cold front that brings us light rain before dry and cool days this weekend and even into next week.

Temperatures fall very slowly but steadily through Friday

The cold front on Friday started cooling us very early. Most temperatures continue to fall through the day with highs at midnight. We might add a few degrees in the afternoon, but the clouds and rain prevent much heat from reaching us.

Showers spread through the morning

Rain is consistent through the morning in the Highlands and NRV. It’s harder for the showers to reach our eastern zones.

Showers are heaviest to the north and west

Rain stays steady through midday. Whether you get showers or stay dry the cloud cover is very consistent through our region.

In the afternoon we quickly dry up

By 3:00 PM there are few showers left. Once we dry out today we stay dry through much of the week ahead.

Rain totals are particularly low in Southside

This system is one of the lighter fronts we’ve seen. Most accumulations stay under 0.3 inches with the highest amounts in our northern counties.

Friday's rain only adds a few tenths of an inch when we need almost nine inches to get back to average

To put in perspective just how much rain we are missing, the 28 inches of rain we collected so far this year is still nine inches lower than what we get in an average year.

We have not had an extreme drought in our counties in 15 years

We can use any rain we get, but the low rain totals are not enough to get us back on track. The drought is likely to get worse through mid-November.

Showers are mostly done by kickoff

Rain is easing off by the time high school football kicks off. A jacket is enough to keep you warm through the game.

Veteran's Day is a very calm, typical fall day

Behind the front showers stay away for most of the weekend. Veteran’s Day in particular looks nice with highs around 60 (very close to average) and plenty of sunshine.

Wind gusts are rather calm through the holiday weekend

Winds are mostly calm after the front. There can be a light breeze here and there, but the calm conditions make Veteran’s Day weekend a nice part of this fall.

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