Mostly cloudy skies and scattered showers Saturday

We are tracking moisture and rain showers moving in from the south

Headlines for the next couple of days

ROANOKE, Va. – Today will bring scattered showers and cloudy skies. In the early afternoon we will start to see moisture build in from the south and impact southern parts of the Roanoke Valley, NRV, and Southside before lifting to the north in the late afternoon.

Scattered rain moves in this afternoon

Rain totals are not impressive for today, most spots will see about a quarter of an inch of rain. Rainfall rates will also be pretty low because today’s showers will be light for the most part.

Estimated Rainfall Totals

Temperatures get up to the lower 60s this afternoon. For reference, our average high temperatures for this time of year is about 53°, some spots are near 10° above that. So, certainly warmer than we should be.

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Today's High Temperatures

We are tracking low pressure that will be moving to the north and east today, and then sticking to our north tomorrow. This will bring the opportunity for some overnight showers tonight and isolated showers on our Sunday. Unfortunately, cloudy skies stick around for most of our Sunday too...

Seeing a couple of showers

Once low pressure moves out, our winds will increase. Tomorrow afternoon turns partly cloudy at times, and when the sun peaks through we will see our winds turn a little gusty.

Turning Windy At Times Tomorrow

Here is a look at your extended forecast. Rain chances stick around through Wednesday thanks to lingering low pressure. Once low pressure moves out to our east it will funnel in some cooler temperatures from the north!

A look at the next 7 days

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