Christmas Eve will be warm, Christmas Day brings rain...

We are tracking a front that brings rain to southwest Virginia tomorrow afternoon

A look at some holiday headlines

ROANOKE, Va. – Holiday headlines show warm temperatures this afternoon with scattered showers moving in on Christmas Day.

Turning really warm for December

Today will bring some really warm temperatures for the month of December. For reference, our average high for this time of year is 48°. We are forecast to be anywhere from 10-15° above that today...

Tonight will be calm, and partly to mostly cloudy

Going into tonight, our temperatures cool down and our skies become a bit cloudy. Don’t worry though, Santa will be able to travel to Virginia safely thanks to calm conditions!

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High pressure today brings warmth, but a front looms out west

High pressure is the reason we are staying dry and warm on Christmas Eve. However, conditions will be changing overnight as an approaching system moves in from the west. At first, we will see cloudy skies enter southwest Virginia.

Warm with afternoon rain

By tomorrow afternoon, a couple of light showers will be making their way into the NRV and then eventually spreading east and over Southwest Virginia. Most of our Christmas Day will be cloudy, and unfortunately this year we will only see rain showers.

Christmas afternoon brings rain showers

Here is a look at tomorrow afternoon around 4:00 PM. Light showers start to move through the region. A couple of heavier showers could bring some decent rain totals tomorrow night.

Numerous chances for rain this week

The threat for heavy rain extends into Tuesday as numerous showers are expected to move in. By Thursday, rain chances begin to fall off.

Tuesday will bring the chance for localized flooding

Due to the chance of seeing some heavy showers, and moisture being lifted north from the Gulf of Mexico, there is a chance for some localized flooding. We could see some pockets of soaking rain through Tuesday, but most showers will be light.

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