Recent rain keeps flooding a possiblity

Thanks to recent strong storms, flood chances linger

ROANOKE, Va. – Tuesday alone brought plenty of rain across our region. In Southside, some spots got more than three inches of rain with more than two inches a common sight all throughout our region.

Martinsville had one of our highest rain totals on Tuesday

That rain combined with our last system puts January well on the way to meeting average monthly precipitation. December was the first month in a while where we got more rain than average, and January is likely to follow that pattern.

With more rain coming Friday we are likely to top the January average

Counties to our south are most likely to see flooding with new rain on Friday. While rain totals look lighter the potential for flooding remains since we saw so much recent rain. Be careful through the end of this week and keep up to date with us on-air and online.

Flooding is a concern in our southernmost counties in particular

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