Storm chances through the afternoon

Storms are more likely Friday than they were Tuesday

More counties are in our flood risk, but storms are likely to be more impactful

ROANOKE, Va. – Showers arrive at 3:00 PM and spread further east through the afternoon. By 5:00 PM there is enough strength for storms to develop particularly in Southside.

Showers spread out in the mid-afternoon

Rainfall rates ease off after 9:00 PM with most of us dry before midnight. As soon as the rain ends high wind gusts swoop in and keep the weekend busy.

After 9:00 PM our system moves further east

Temperatures warm steadily thanks to warm air coming with the low pressure system. That keeps most of us in the 40s through the afternoon and into the evening. Temperatures start to fall with cooler air from the north coming on Saturday.

Highs are above average on Friday thanks to warmer air from the storms

The main storm risk is concentrated to our south. Storms are likely in Mississippi in particular. Severe Thunderstorm Warnings are possible here, but Tornado Warnings are unlikely.

Storm chances are highest well to our southwest

Storms are a more prominent threat Friday than they were on Tuesday. Flooding is still possible, but with lower rainfall totals the flood potential is lower.

Storms are a greater threat Friday than they were on Tuesday

Both Saturday and Sunday are windy, but Saturday takes the cake with some gusts in the Highlands able to crest 50 mph. After 7:00 PM on Sunday winds come back to a more normal state.

Winds climb to 40 mph for some gusts this weekend

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