Another chilly day to close out the weekend, warmer temperatures are on the horizon

Another morning of wind chill followed by a cold afternoon. Temperatures become warmer each day this week.

A pattern flip is coming right in the middle of Winter

ROANOKE, Va. – A wind chill advisory is in effect for the New River Valley and the Highlands until 10:00 AM. After this advisory expires, the air will gradually begin to feel warmer and closer to the actual temperature.

Wind Chill Advisories in effect until 10:00 AM

Wind speeds are still gusting through the morning hours with breezy conditions lasting through the early afternoon. Once the winds completely fall off, the wind chill does too!

Wind speeds fall off this afternoon

At lunch hour, Southwest Virginia is still feeling like the single digits thanks to the gusting winds and cold air.

Today at noon

By 5:00 PM we are already seeing the effects of Arctic air beginning to fade out of the region. While these wind chill values are still cold, they are a great improvement from yesterday.

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Feeling like 20/30 degrees this afternoon

The Arctic air continues to retreat through the next couple of days, and milder air takes over. Each day features warmer than average temperatures this week. Rain chances go up from moisture brought in from the Gulf of Mexico.

Warmer air moves in this week

Have a look at how sudden the pattern flip happens this week!We go from below average temperatures to well above average temperatures in the span of a few days.

Once the warmer air moves in, it stays through at least next weekend.

Warming up this week

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